Toby Or Not To Be – S1

Follow Toby’s two housemates as they ride the ups and the downs of having an actor as a housemate.

  • Starring: Aaron Lucas, Jackson Williams, James Wright
  • A Film By:
  • Genre: Web Series, Comedy
  • Created in: New South Wales, 2016

Ep 1 - Welcome to the Jungle

Lewis decides to introduce Toby and Jesse to his idea of making a web series to document what it’s like to live with them.

Ep 2 - Paths of Glory

Toby has an audition for a student war film, so he spends two weeks preparing.

Ep 3 - Taken

Toby has gone missing. Jesse and Lewis dedicate themselves to finding their very important missing actor. Will they find him? Only time will tell…or the end of the episode will also tell.

Ep 4 - Boys Don't Cry

There is a storm brewing both outside and inside the house. Toby’s audition didn’t go so well and Lewie and Jessie try to cheer him up.

Ep 5 - The Comedy of Errors

Toby tries his hand at Shakespeare.

Ep 6 - Her

Toby brings over a new friend to the house to help with his audition…

Ep 7 - Shakespeare in Love

Toby has been bitten by the love bug…

Ep 8 - Anything Goes

It’s time. Toby is doing a musical. Lewis and Jesse decide to follow him to his audition to see how it goes.

Ep 9 - Sweet Smell of Success

Toby hunts down an old friend who is now a successful actor.

Ep 10 - How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Toby has brought in someone to help make a showreel and Lewis is ready to snap.

Ep 11 - Rent

Toby haWithout Lewis around to clean up after them, the shack has gained a reputation in the area for being a ‘house of horrors’. The landlord hears about this and gives Toby a call, making him realise that he does, in fact, need Lewis.

Ep 12 - Whither Shall I Wander?

The Grand Finale of the Web Series. Toby is called in for a life changing meeting, Jesse gives some life advice and Lewis reflects on the past 6 months of his web series.