Shit Creek – Season 1

When a small time crook clocks out after a freak accident in a Sydney pub, it’s left to his two sons to pick up his debt to the mob. They’ve got six weeks to cough up a hundred grand or they’ll find themselves without their favourite appendages, courtesy of a psychopathic gun-for-hire and a pair of rusty hedge clippers.

Shit Creek - Ep 1

An unfortunate accident leads to one bad motherfucker!

Shit Creek - Ep 2

Mo meets with Alisha while Jason comes up with a ‘brilliant’ plan…

Shit Creek - Ep 3

Fat Pizzas Johnny Boxer stars as the twisted and demented Professor, as Mo, Curly and Jason try to get rid of a dangerous burden!

Shit Creek - Ep 4

Curly gets bad news, Mo hatches a plan, and Jason gets his chance to shine!

Shit Creek - Ep 5

Curly licks his battle wounds, Mo rips open new ones. Jason does Jason things.

Shit Creek - Ep 6

A romance is born out of festering wounds while Curly and Jason play dress-ups.

Shit Creek - Ep 7

The tale of two very different diamond heists!

Shit Creek - Ep 8

At the mercy of a motherfucker and his rusty hedge-clippers.