I Know You Are – Season 1

I Know You Are is an Australian dramedy web series that follows sisters Kate and Daisy, whose close ties are questioned when Kate starts seeing Rachelle.

  • Starring: Brigitte Haviland, Josephine Parsons, Sophie Long
  • A Film By: Yes Really Films
  • Genres: Web Series, Comedy, Drama, LGBT
  • Year: 2017, NSW

I Know You Are - Ep 1

Kate paints as she awaits contact from Rachelle, a girl she meets at a friend’s party, and runs the usual circles around her sister Daisy.

I Know You Are - Ep 2

Kate and Rachelle start dating on a modest budget, and run into Daisy’s ex-boyfriend Ryan. Daisy sits at home and gets in the way.

I Know You Are - Ep 3

Rachelle helps Kate hold a garage sale, to make some extra money, but Daisy has a few things to say about selling her stuff.

I Know You Are - Ep 4

Kate and Rachelle spend some time away from Daisy, only to find they can’t escape her presence. Rachelle decides it’s not working out.

I Know You Are - Ep 5

Kate confronts Daisy and kicks her out of the house. Ryan sees Kate’s artwork and offers some help. Kate goes to see Rachelle.

I Know You Are - Ep 6

Kate has Rachelle, Ryan and friends over for her birthday. Daisy shows up uninvited in an attempt to make amends.