Henry Haus

Housemates: the family you choose when you have no other choice.

  • Starring: Samantha Pearce, Aleis Duffy, Iopu Auva’a, Jacqueline Whiting
  • A Film By: J Walking Media
  • Genre: Web Series, Comedy
  • Created in: Victoria, 2016

Henry Haus - Ep 1: Pilot

Henry Haus is short one person. Sam, Alyse and Yops are on the hunt for a nice, normal, housemate but quickly discover the world is full of weirdoes and sociopaths.

Henry Haus - Ep 2: Trivial Concerns

It’s time for the annual RSL Trivia night.

Henry Haus - Ep 3: Go Fish

During a game of Go Fish, Alyse takes a joke a little too far, and she suggests that since no one can “tell she is gay” Sam probably never experienced much persecution.

Henry Haus - Ep 4: Yop's Secret Shame

While trying to borrow Yops’ hair straightener for an Art project, Jane discovers his big secret: He’s a Nerd.

Henry Haus - Ep 5: What Are Friends For

Yops leaves to visit his family, and charges Jane with keeping everyone out of his room and protecting his “secret stash of sanity chocolate”.

Henry Haus - Ep 6: Alyse Has A Past

The housemates find out they have an inspection.

Henry Haus - Ep 7, Part 1: A Fiery Affair

Jane comes home from work devastated because she is under review. Marissa is jealous of Jane’s cooking abilities and wants to bring her down. Sam, Alyse and Yops decide to use Social Media to stop Marissa.

Henry Haus - Ep 7, Part 2: All In

Bernice meets with a mysterious stranger. A man turns up who is not their usual Agent. All hope seems lost.