Jesse - About Us Pic
Jesse Laurie
Co-Director & Founder
Jesse founded and built the Haview platform after completing his Masters in Screen Studies and spending 4 years within the professional industry. Jesse’s background as an AFL athlete and current position as a film lecturer (SAE, Perth), provide a unique contribution to Haview’s development.
“Audiences are always looking to discover new content that will blow their mind. Australia’s elite, indie filmmakers are creating that exact content. It seems like a simple solution to me.”
Oli Haview Headshot
Oliver Wenn
Oli provides a wealth of experience with 14 years in the screen industry, after graduating from NIDA in 2005. In 2011, Oli created, The HubStudio (Sydney), who Stage Milk recently praised for offering a range of the best short acting courses, found anywhere in the world.
“For most actors our passion guides us, however our inability to activate it can destroy us.”

What Filmmakers Need To Know

It’s Free!!!

You’ve spent enough making your short, feature, documentary, animation, web series, music video or any other type of production imaginable…it’s only right that you stream it in a professional space at no cost.

It’s All Yours

It’s your content, so you can do whatever you want with it!
This means you: can stream it anywhere, retain all ownership, can remove it whenever you like, make it exclusive and won’t have any alterations made.

Need A Poster Or Trailer?

We want your content to stand out so if you’re lacking an engaging poster or teaser trailer, we can sort you out AND it will belong to you!

Belong To The Australian Indie Community

Not only should your content be streamed in the most professional way, you should also be able to see who else is making great content across the country and get in touch.

New Voices

Haview has the unique ability to remove the barriers of exclusion and open up the stream to Australian voices, who have never had a stage to shout from.
Until now.

Be Discovered

By congregating the elite content and content-makers of the indie sector, professional bodies and personnel will have only one task; wade through the stream of new Aussie talent.

Aussie Indie-stribution

Your content will not only be accessible all around the world and within remote communities; you’ll be a part of our profit-share model to make sure you get the financial share you deserve.

Elite By Competition

Once you join the Haview community and pit your content against everyone else, you’ll be joining the competition. The more motivated you are to improve, the better filmmaker and content-creator you will become.

What Discoverers Need To Know

It’s Free!!!

The elite content created by Australia’s indie filmmakers is ready and waiting for you to sink your teeth into at no cost. You can enjoy awesome Aussie content wherever you are, whether that’s on the couch, in bed, public transporting or on the shitter.

Every Possible Format

The online realm has changed everything, so we’re giving you everything.
Access shorts, features, documentaries, web series, animations, music videos, social commentaries, reality and everything in between.

Support Australia’s Film Future

You’re not just being given direct access to elite Aussie content, you’re directly supporting the future filmmakers of Australia. Every view, share, piece of feedback or like is aiding the next wave of Aussie talent.

Discover Down Under

You’ll find Australian stories told like never before, with no restrictions, new voices, new actors, new creatives and brilliant landscapes.
You’ll discover the next stars of Australia’s film.

Experience The Full Potential Of VOD

As Haview grows, you will witness and experience the evolution of what VOD was and what VOD is able to achieve.

Join In

Your participation and involvement is both encouraged and necessary to create the user experience VOD is truly capable of.

Global to Local

Having been built in Australia to showcase content in a geographically unrestricted manner, Haview welcomes viewers from the most remote corners of the Earth, to the most remote communities of Australia.

You Are The Key

As viewers of content, it is your responsibility to lead the way in content evolution by guiding the filmmakers of Haview with your viewership, feedback, liking, sharing and requesting.
With great binging, comes great responsibility.